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How to be a Media Consultant

Like a media specialist for for 3 decades I will tell you these are perfect occasions. No more does anybody need to depend on traditional media, paper, radio or TV … the web has altered that forever.

During the late 1990’s Used to do a number of radio shows and portrayed The Web formally because the 4th media. A medium that will transform the media once we have understood it. Transform was an understatement!

Today “social media” enables anybody to actually “end up being the media” themselves. Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Twitter etc are social media sites, where we share tales, pictures, links etc. The same as paper, television and radio, discussing news tales, pictures, video, music, social chatter etc.

The main difference today is the fact that at almost zero expense you are able to achieve a worldwide marketplace from your own laptop, using social media. You’ve thus end up being the media itself! Now precisely how effective is the fact that? Just like you possessed a mortar and bricks store or perhaps eBay to market your product or service in one place, now you can do everything yourself using your own blog or website. Don’t believe all of the traditional media aren’t freaked out, and concerned about all of this power we are in possession of.

Like a media specialist for several years I usually spoken about targeting products to niches using paper, television and radio. Target yes, but nonetheless counting on the information from the media getting used. Should you did not pay attention to that radio station or read that newspaper, you’d never see or hear my targeted ad. Now I’m able to discover that targeted ad when I type my search query into Google. This is definitely as targeted as you’ll find yourself getting and still, geared to a worldwide audience as well.

This really is huge media power inside your very hands also it should make traditional media nervous, super nervous. So basically, stop trying to puzzle out the proper way to use existing media, and be the media yourself. Here is a clue, observe that all of the traditional media are using social media! Hmmmmm

Mastering social media is very important, and a few may have you think is actually impossible to understand. Those are the same individuals who let you know Bing is impossible to understand. Nonsense! It’s all regulated terribly logical and never complicated. It’s formula driven, no methods, no magic, it’s organic marketing at it is best.

I personally don’t like to rain around the guru’s parade here however it does not take 25 DVD’s, or 200 page PDF’s to understand this method either. That’s too much hype and extremely bad editing. And believe me, it’s a easy to understand process. But you need to abide by it! Lengthy tail market and keyword research, blogging, article promotion and videos are in the centre from the process. Then it is dependent on which social media sites to make use of, which Feed directories to make use of, along with a couple of other tweaks, and you’re on-page certainly one of Google inside a couple of days.

Whenever you get used to social media, and land your website or blog on-page certainly one of Google, and begin benefiting from calls and purchasers, you know for absolutely proof positive, you have end up being the media itself!

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